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      1. Join the gang! 🙂

        One’s spouse / partner / significant other may not always be their twin soul – that’s a choice they make. But a twin soul is sent by heaven above (if you believe in these things!)

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  1. I’m not sure I believe in twin souls. I’m pretty sure my husband and I aren’t of the twin soul variety. But we’ve made it 40 years–some great years and some downright horrible ones. There were times I didn’t like him at all and I’m sure he felt the same way about me, but we’d invested in this marriage and knew we were better together than we ever would be apart.

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  2. Vonita..don’t get depressed of what’s happening now,if a relationship is dying that means it’s not the one for you.If it was for you the you and your partner would definitely make effort to make it work and it will surely work.Before something real happens ,these are just petty things that happen to make us understand that the real one is on it’s way..Never leave HOPE.Our whole world is living on Hope. Just watch and see every cloud has a silver lining and one is already on the way for you..Just keep believing and just love your life. Be happy for not being in a relation which doesn’t mean anything. Just wait for something big that’s gonna happen which will change your life and you will love it.

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