Wedding Cake Fail

Ok, so sometimes I have good ideas, and then sometimes I have not so good ideas. Like my wedding cake. As an example. My husband-to-be and I were paying for our own wedding, and on a tight budget. The venue we had booked included an ice-cream cake as part of the lunch menu. Who needs a wedding cake I thought, when there is already an ice-cream cake on the menu. It can double up. Pretty it up and there you go. Cake. What a stoopid idea. Try romantic photos attempting the slicing of a cake, an ice-cream one. It was so rock solid frozen we could not even put an ice-sharpened knife through it. And it had a green ribbon around it. When my color theme if I could say I even had one, was orange. Not green. Not clever. Not cake.

16 thoughts on “Wedding Cake Fail

      1. It was kind of a wash I guess, but I still enjoyed as best as I could. I think I burned off the calories in the shift, I would be soaking in sweat at the end of running all those trays.

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  1. I had a cute little wedding cake. You know how you are supposed to freeze the small top layer and have a bite of it on your first anniversary? My father ate it while I was away. 🙂

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