There are a few things I would do differently if I could relive my youth. If only I could turn back the clock haha, okay so here’s my list:

  • Wear sun block daily (I never wore sun block at all)
  • Stop sugar in my tea (only managed to stop table sugar at 26)
  • Save myself skin problems by not drinking coca-cola
  • Have orthodontics completed sooner (not in my thirties)

That’s it, can’t think of anything else. Just to say I had no style back then. Not to say that I’m a style fashionista currently, but I have discovered Guess jeans and they fit quite well. I spent my early-mid twenties wishing and praying for a partner and children. My father and his then new wife invited me for dinner one evening. After we were all seated, three of us, yay, I discovered the true intention of the invite. It was suggested to me that if I wanted to find myself a husband perhaps I should spruce myself up a bit. Nothing wrong with a bit of makeup and some style. Show some cleavage baby. Yeeeha! Actually, looking back and seeing some photos of me back then, I get their point.

Anyway, after three long single years I met my husband, married within nine months, and had two children. They are now getting big and passed the ‘needing mom’ stage, now we are at the ‘can I have money please’ stage.

And I am never going to be the most ‘funky’ person, or have the largest circle of friends, but I do have my few friends, and am thankful for them. And nowadays I write a blog. And poetry. Yay for poetry!

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