The worst punishment I faced was being hit across my face by an adult man when I was nine turning ten. More than once. Being hit by a man in anger. With a temper. It instilled a fear in me that has never gone away. Even now, if a man displays aggression or temper, I cannot be in that person’s company. A man is physically stronger than a woman. Cold hard fact that we cannot physically defend ourselves. If a man wants to physically hurt a woman, he generally is able to.


18 thoughts on “Punishment

  1. I’m so sorry you went through this Vonita. It is heartbreaking to imagine the children and women and men too sometimes that are being physically and verbally abused. Especially the little children with no way out.

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      1. yes, it’s true Vonita, we don’t know what all goes on behind closed doors. Makes my heart ache.


  2. It’s a shame that some men can hurt a woman who is quite defenseless against such action. I was taught by my parents to love and care for a woman…


  3. And he’s probably a coward, too.

    Sadly, many men were raised in an era when physical punishment was not just tolerated but recommended. But even then, there were those who believed that they should do their best to keep it to a controlled minimum. And there were those who used it as an excuse to pamper to their own egos.

    It’s so good that we been enlightened. But, sadly, only those who maintained control have allowed that enlightenment to change their ways. The egotistical cowards are still around.


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