Day Job

My day job is as diverse as it can be. Sometimes I have heaps of work to do, and not enough time. Sometimes I have none. For weeks on end. Each project is different. Each host system is different. Different environments, different applications, different systems to connect to, different sets of problems. And challenges. Today I started writing a Sap3 Connector. I’ve never written one before. It seems slightly non-trivial. And I have three days in which to do it (my bad, I underscoped). And so it goes.

10 thoughts on “Day Job

  1. Good luck. You are a programmer I’m guessing? My Brother is in IT too, he’s always been good in it. He is in networking and running some other things such as the phone system at the university he works for. Sounds like your work is more independent, nearly like writing a book or a document. Good luck with your SAP3. I know you can do it!

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    1. Hi Mandi, yes, I’m a software developer. I write Java code for contact center and IVR applications (telephone banking etc), so we have to connect to all the backend systems. My SAP3 connector is working! Thank you for the encouragement 😀

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