Lolly Jars


Well, I have two more sleeps before I head off on an overnight connecting flight to Johannesburg. Leaving my kids and husband behind for family responsibility decided on by others. Missing the event of the year, the School May Fair, which is a great day of fun, and something I’ve been looking forward to since the inaugural Fair from last year. But no, I rather need to take my life in my hands, and brave the Jhb roads, to satisfy other people’s expectations of what I should be doing with my life. And how I should be spending my non-existent cash, and time. Because I have unlimited leave and money grows on trees.

To cheer me up, I did my part and contributed a few Lolly Jars (candy jars) for the Lolly Jar ‘Lucky Dip’ stand. BFF is under strict instructions to buy a couple for myself, because Lolly Jars make me happy. Sometimes it’s the simple things in life.

Looking at the jars I’ve made up, I suddenly feel sorry for the poor soul who ends up with the yellow jar. Who wants a jar with only yellow lollies? (Candy, sweets in South Africa, lollies in Australia, you get the idea). Oops. Sorry, my bad.

And here’s a reminder from last year. (I am really upset at missing the fair. If I think about it too much I am going to get angry. And angry on me is not flattering).


5 thoughts on “Lolly Jars

  1. I do remember this “happy” archway! Your jars have the same feeling. I feel for you in your dilemma. Don’t forget, you always have the power to choose and to change your mind. And there many choices between yes and no. 🙂

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    1. Thanks Lola, changing my mind now is going to cost money cancelling flights,
      as well as upsetting too many people. Thanks for your encouragement. I really wish I wasn’t missing the May fair though.

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