I’m reposting a handwritten poem from last year. It shows my scribbly handwriting! No delete button so for the sake of eligibility and timesaving it is unedited and just as it appeared to me. Actually all my writing is like that, but the delete key sure comes in handy at times. Mostly these days all my writing is typed, and most of my poetry and blog posts are tapped onto my iPhone. Actually, my thumb joints are beginning to complain. I can see myself ending up with arthritis (please no!).

I’ve just noticed this could have doubled up as yesterday’s daily prompt for Refresh. Gosh, nothing came to mind yesterday for Refresh, I’ve been thinking of it the whole day (well, not really!), and here it is right here in the poem!


Across the water
The lights flickered and shone
The night air was cool and calm and still
You wrapped me in your arms
As I breathed in the romance of your
Kisses on my face
My neck, my shoulders
Your love refreshed my soul
And I know I will never
Forget you

24 thoughts on “Scribbled

  1. It’s September 12th where you live while it’s still the 11th where I live. An odd finding I have come across numerous times while blogging, as if I’m looking into the future.

    Brilliant poem, as always. Handwriting it makes it seem more real.

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