Feeling my Fear

I am not quite fearless. Instead, I have a ridiculous fear. It is not a life-threatening fear or anything like that. Just a simple, random fear of missing out. If anyone knows me, they will know I am the epitome of a FOMO (fear of missing out). Yesterday I missed out. A group of friends spent a day at the river. I had been partially invited. It was difficult getting the actual details yesterday morning, there was a big mix-up, the friend who had invited me had a migraine and never responded to my text. So I never received the details until it was partially too late. So I decided not to go. I found out today they had a great day (apart from my friend with the migraine). A friend of mine from South Africa was there as well. I haven’t seen her in many years, and would have loved to have been there and seen her again. I feel really glum at having missed out. I know there are bigger issues in the world, but even so, I am sad at having missed out on a great day yesterday, with people, community and friends.


12 thoughts on “Feeling my Fear

  1. I have many friends with the FOMO. I used to be like that. Too some extent I am if many of my core friends are together and I couldn’t be there and no one bothered to ask. But mostly, I’ve learned we usually think times were better then they were. Or I probably didn’t feel like being out that night. I dunno, you just have to make the moments you can be there count and not take the ones you can’t be there personal. We end up where we are meant to be one way or another. Happy Easter!

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