I injured myself the other day. I tripped after crossing a road and could feel myself going down. Until bang! I collided with the ground. A huge chunk of flesh came out my foot. It is really painful, and is struggling to heal. Every night it forms a scab, and then in the morning I put on shoes for the day, the scab breaks, and I have a new wound all over again. Self-sabotage. In just the same way I self-sabotage my inner healing. I build up resistance, and then break it all down again. I lost myself somewhere along the way, and am still looking. Where am I? What happened to me?

29 thoughts on “Injury

  1. Oh dear Vonita, I am so sad to hear this. Get well soon. Actually I am same as you, and I injur myself in the home! Yes, now one can make as me… My love get mad with my accidents in the home, like a child,:) I hope you feel better soon. Love, nia

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  2. It is true there is a link to inner injuries or struggles or a visible sign of the problem. Foot – Mobility, getting stuck. And that getting stuck is the problem that healing cannot take place. When you find a way to make that cut you might be surprised what could happen. It can be something new… or something old in a new dress!

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  3. Hope your foot is better soon. Eventually the scab should get hard enough to heal. I would think if you wrapped a piece of gauze with medical tape around your foot that might do the trick of letting it heal better. My brother was leaning back on a chair once. He let the chair fall as I walk by and it broke my toe. It reall hurt a lot so I know sort of how you feel. As for your emotional healing I offer the saying ‘Wherever you go; there you are.’ You are building and working on yourself even as you struggle with pain. It’s helping to make you stronger. I think we all face times where we are lost but we can always be who we want to be and create ourselves as we wish through our choices. Look forward to the present, not to the past. Praying for you!

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    1. Thank you, I’ve been using band aids but they are not strong enough, they keep on coming off. Thank you for your prayers! It is a work every day to reset our thoughts and choices, thank you for your encouragement xx

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      1. Oh my goodness, I’m sorry my comment notifications were getting all confused, sorry nanonoyz I didn’t mean to call you Lynz!! πŸ™‚


  4. Self sabotage is one thing . Experiencing an accident quite another. The fact that you tripped and fell on the sidewalk and injured yourself was accidental. You did not get up in the morning and tell yourself that you would somehow injure yourself on that day.

    With the case of self sabotage you would either consciously or sub consciously plot to trip yourself up in your life. Something would be driving you to pull the plug on yourself whenever smething of any consequesnce was about to happen in your life.

    Don’t blame yourself for the accidental tumbles you experience in life. We all have those awkwardly embarassing moments. You’re only human.

    Begin to contemplate those other psychoogical moments in life when you feel you are actively sabotaging yourself. This active reflection might help you lessen the opportunitites for such negtive self indulgences.

    Carpe diem. Appreciate yourself. Enjoy each day. Stay optimistic.

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    1. Thank you for your comments, and I really enjoyed your thoughts. Especially about negative self-indulgence. It’s so easy to indulge ourselves so negatively. All the best to you, and thank you again!

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