Spread the Love, Because We Say So

Sharing the love from MACBOFISBIL 💝

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aklsg It’s amazing how much love can be spread through a keyboard

The first full year of MACBOFISBIL, that wonderful acronym I created nearly three years ago, is almost coming to a close. It has been a wonderful year in 2015 and I have made a lot of progress on this activity that I once thought was so daunting I would never make much progress, but I have. Okay, so there are still no guest posts but maybe that will happen in 2016? Who knows what next year will bring to this blog that finally got some wheels at the end of 2014 and this year?

Today is unofficially Spread the Love day. It’s a way to break us out of the bubble some of us have gotten into.

Yeah, it’s not good of me to do this but I’ve been getting skimpy on reading others blog posts in the last…

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3 thoughts on “Spread the Love, Because We Say So

    1. Thanks Lynz! I am well, just been a bit crazy this time of year, I have been off my reader the past few days, but will resume hopefully today on the bus! So will see you at yours soon xx

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