In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “1984.”
You’re locked in a room with your greatest fear. Describe what’s in the room.

I’m locked in a room with my greatest fear. Well, that in itself would be one of my greatest fears. Being locked in a room alone. Or stuck in an elevator. Or in a bathroom with a door handle that’s failed, and windows with bars over them. Or locked in a room with the dead body of your partner.
A few weeks back I read a heartwrenching article on the genocide happening to South African farmers. On one farm an elderly couple and their visitor were attacked. They were ordered to open their walk-in safe. The wife was shot dead in the back of the head, and all three were locked in the safe, including the body of the murdered wife. The visitor and husband were rescued the following morning when someone stopped by and heard their cries.
Imagine being locked in a dark safe, no windows or water, and with your partner’s dead body? Someone you’ve spent your life with, and created children and memories together. Is there anything on earth that could be worse than that?

16 thoughts on “Claustrophobia

  1. The minute I saw this prompt I though the very same thing -I cannot stand to be locked in a room or restrained. Your heartbreaking story is too painful to fathom. Sometimes I am at a loss at what humans do to each other.

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