Piano Keys

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Lazy Learners.”

In the year 2000, I took up piano lessons. The lessons were on a Saturday morning in a suburb in Johannesburg. I used to park out the front. One Saturday morning I finished my lesson and went outside. My car was gone. Vanished. It was the most awful feeling. I lived by myself and it is difficult nigh impossible to move around in Johannesburg without a car. I cannot remember how I arrived at work on the Monday, but I did, and the company had a fleet car they allowed me to use for a couple of weeks. I had to buy another car in that time, while still waiting for an insurance claim to be settled. Fortunately it was at that time that I was about to start a new job and would have increased funds to pay for a second car. The insurance claim itself took over seven weeks to finalise. After six weeks the police recovered the car and wanted to return it to me. It was totally stripped. A shell of a car, I could hardly recognise it. I refused to accept it back.
I stopped the piano lessons, gave my piano to a newly married couple who really desired one (and they could both play), and have never got past beginner stage since then. I have a keyboard that I have practiced on, but time has flown, perhaps it’s two years since I last practiced on it. I love the feel of the keys underneath my fingers though, and being able to play even the most basic tunes. It is still on my to-do list for when I have more time or inclination.

12 thoughts on “Piano Keys

  1. I took piano lessons at a young age and did not like it too much – I did not appreciate it. Much later in life, a couple of years ago I picked it up again, but unfortunately the fingers are stiff do to age. I wish I had never given it up in the first place. Good post, thanks for sharing. 🙂

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    1. Thanks Mark, I also started a new job so ended up working all hours of the day and night, never had much time to practice, and ended up with my nerves giving out just after that. It was the beginning of a rough few months. But all good now, it passed and I can write about it! 🙂


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