Back in Time

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Life’s a Candy Store.”

I would wish all my family together – both sets of grandparents, parents, sister, aunts, uncles and cousins, and have a family day, with a swimming pool and ice cream on hand. They would all bring a plate of their most famous dishes – my aunt’s cremora tart which is like a lemon cheesecake, my maternal grandmother’s home made pies etc. My dad would be the bearer of gifts as giving gifts is one of his ‘love-languages’. And we would have a feast, celebrating each other and the essence of life. Hold up! The cynic in me has foreseen a problem in this fairytale day, as we have chain-smokers on the one hand and vehement anti-smokers on the other. #blessFamily. Okay, I would wish them all non-smokers for the day (I’m in the non-smokers camp). Problem solved.

And very thankful I am for memories of souls departed, and times spent with grandparents and favorite aunts etc. Experiences my children will never have.

8 thoughts on “Back in Time

  1. Beautiful post. When I am having a rough day, or any problem that persists…I also go to the sanctuary of memories that holds dear my grandparents. Both grandmothers had signature dishes…Southern potato salad and biscuits with gravy, the other grandmother fresh baked bread and whole grain hot cereal she would grind up herself before cooking.

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    1. I struggle with cigarette smoke Mark, and have more than a few smokers in my family, though these thoughts seem a luxury now that I hardly see any of them or they have passed away. ❤


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