In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Do Not Disturb.”

I don’t blog photos of my children or my husband. I have blogged a baby photo of them each (and my daughter in my post Mud and Fun), I asked my husband first if I could, and he was fine with me doing that. He said they could be any babies really. And in Mud and Fun my daughter is literally covered in mud.

The good thing with poetry is that it is just poetry. Most of my writing is based on what I feel, but at times I tap into moments past for inspiration. I used to publicize on google-plus but my husband used to click on random posts and then quiz me on them. I stopped the publicize except on Twitter and sometimes I post to FB. I could post anonymously but don’t feel strongly that my writing needs to be hidden. I don’t have many skeletons in my closet. I do have a few LOL, hopefully they will stay hidden!

22 thoughts on “Privacy

  1. Hmmm…well in the modern world of social media nothing is really hidden and equally nothing is really true. This is what we have to face for delving into the loud bussling world of social media where we have lot of truths and half truths, false truths and truthful rumours being peddled about. I blive posting ones stuff like pics or videos should be based on ones personal discretion (though one needs to be security mindful since one cannot tell what sinister risk one might be placing oneself by having ones personal stuff online).

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  2. I feel the same when it comes to photos of children. I never posted a photo of my niece on social media or blogs and I probably have thousands. It doesn’t feel right…

    Blogging anonymously however, that’s where we differ a bit. A few people know I have a blog but only one person knows that I’m “sugar”. I just prefer writing without wondering whether if it will come back to haunt me as I work mostly online and the last thing I want is someone searching for my name and find the blog right next to my LinkedIn… Privacy is always important ๐Ÿ™‚

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  3. I do family pictures only at FB because there is where I stay in contact with my closest family members, best friends and school mates. I have like 33 people only in my list – and I choose carefully only those whom I know best …

    True. Here, at WP or anywhere else in blog world, I prefer to do writing, charity projects or poems. Blogging or journaling is more the personal “me” inside-out in what I do in mind and emotions … ๐Ÿ™‚

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  4. We all have skeletons from our past…and no we don’t want them rising up…yet!…cannot remember the O T passage…in the desert…if we did not have these skeletons we would not be the people we are now. Those skeletons have made us the person we are! Interesting post! Also…it depends on how attached we are to all this maya around us, and this material world…? How seriously do we take it…? Mmmmmmm….. x

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