4 thoughts on “Observer

  1. Hi – I’ve been working on a different blog, and haven’t been around for a while. I just dropped by to say that if your poetry book has come out, I have a place on my blog where I share Amazon links. I would be happy to include your book 🙂

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    1. Thank you, have missed you for a while! At this point I only have a Pdf on lulu.com, but have enlisted them to do all the publishing, so will have it officially released in a couple of months time! (I only signed this morning and they said 8 weeks, hoping this attempt will fare better). Also a bit longer duration until it appears on Amazon, will let you know when done! Thank you so much again! Is your other blog on WordPress?

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      1. You’re welcome. I’ll be reading but let me know if I miss it.

        Yes, the second blog is at frommidnighttodawnlight.com. I write it under a pseudo-name because most the poetry/flash is fictionalized from true stories in my social services and education experiences. You can call me Laine though. I just want to keep those works out of a Google search attached to my name. I don’t want people to think ‘ Oh, that’s so and so she is really writing about.

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