My Goldilocks Moment!

Family In Bed

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Hello, Goldilocks!.”

After my mother passed away, and my first love (from university) and I were both working, he started looking at rings. We were both 23, and I was not ready to get married. I was not ready to live with him either, because culturally I had always been taught that it was expected of me to stay at home until I got married.

So I ended the relationship, and endured three years of dating. This was like embarking on a Goldilocks adventure. One soul whom I was very fond of, went out on his birthday (with me by his side) and got so drunk I had to help carry him home. I hardly drink, and have never been drunk. I have seen too much of drunk reactions for it to ever be fun for me. Next!

Another invited himself to my home, and on the first date (date meaning he invited himself over for coffee at my apartment), looked around to see if my home was good enough for him to spend the night (because by this time I lived alone). For some reason, I don’t think so! Next.

Another enjoyed trips to undesirable areas to buy crack cocaine. With me in his car. And then promptly used it with his friend he picked up along the side of the road somewhere. Next.

And so it continued!

Until finally, I had endured enough. If this is what my life is going to entail, then I’d rather be alone. I might go crazy in the process, but I am a bit crazy anyway, so no news there.

And then one day I met my husband. He had replaced me in a six-month break away from my existing job. He was 30, and a bachelor and doing his best to stay that way. Ha! Thirteen years, two minions, and a new country later!

And that is my Goldilocks moment 🙂

19 thoughts on “My Goldilocks Moment!

    1. He really gave me the cold shoulder in the beginning, my dating experiences had served me well because I just “didn’t want to go there again”. But it was such a relief when we started dating six months later, and my single days were over! And he committed to me from our first date together ❤

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      1. I fear marriage than my husband. He was at the ready to commit where else I want to go on living as normally as we had before … I was the egoist I guess. But glad that we are together now and have beautiful kids! 🙂

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