Love in Ten Sentences

Hand heart shape silhouette made against the sun & sky of a sunr

Thank you to the following kind writers who have nominated me to join in the Love in Ten Sentences challenge.

Author Erika Kind
A Walk on the Bright Side
Poetic Parfait

The challenge is to write a ten line poem each containing four words and the letter “love”. Well, sometimes I love a challenge – will I be able to write one that will actually make sense? Here goes!


I ache for love,
The only love that
Your love can provide.
True love lifts me;
In love’s warmth my
Heart melts love—so
Much love that when
Love has died, in
Time your love will
Be my only love.

Does this poem even make any sense?

My Own Favorite Love Quote
My heart melts love when I think of you
V. Buirski 2015 (I just made it up!)

My Favorite Love Quote
Intense love does not measure, it just gives
Mother Teresa

I need to nominate ten people. I do not like excluding or being selective, so have nominated a few bloggers (not all are poets) that often interact on my site (in no particular order):

A Momma’s View
Love Quirky
Lolsys Library
Sarah Doughty
Praying for Eyebrowz
Words4jp’s Blog
In So Many Words

Thank you for reading!


39 thoughts on “Love in Ten Sentences

  1. Imagine my surprise as I was reading your lovely ‘love’ poem and looking down to the nominations (just curious) and there it was. I AM NOT SICK BOY. Congratulations on your nomination and many thanks for nominating me for the Love in Ten Sentences challenge.

    Liked by 1 person

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