Ode to a Weaver Bird



Oh how I do love the sheer beauty
Of thy sweet harmonius singing
Each day welcoming me gently awake
Thy songs sounding in melodious
Harmony filling my awakening senses
With the peaceful serenity of the
Joy of hearing the essence of thy
Beautiful being. Oh! Dear bird.

I watch from afar as thou weavest
Thy nest, one thin thread at a time
With absolute precision of the finest
Toolmaker that ever lived, mastery
In all its perfection, weaving in and
Weaving out, creating thy home from
From nothing but nature’s ware and
Thy finest talents. Oh! Dear bird.

With patience unending, for when thy
Wife is summonsed to inspect and
Ruthlessly tears apart the nest
Oh how I my heart breaks for thee
And I watch as thou wouldst take
Another twig, from the dawning of the
Day till the setting of the daily sun
Thread by thread. Oh! Dear bird.

And finally when thy home is built
And eggs are laid, I watch in awe as
Thy family is raised, always caring
Always busy, filling nature’s need
Nature’s worker, Elegant, golden bird
And when thou would rest, when there
Are spare moments to admire thy
Beauty, I catch my breath. Oh! Dear bird.

The magnificence of thy golden chest
As it takes each breath to form
Magical notes leaves me breath-
Less, my heart is in awe of thy
Starkness, perfected feathered wings
Opening to take flight as thou wouldst
Leave thy home and fly away venturing
Forth into the world. Oh! Dear bird.

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