I wrote a letter to my love
And sprayed it all with scent
Poor letter though did not go well
For hand write could not be read
He tried his best, he really did
It’s not his fault at all
So after hours, minutes, days and nights
A phone call I received
To thank me for the letter sweet
Even though it made no sense
He tried to make out all the words
But could I read it back to him?


10 thoughts on “Hand-written

  1. Wow! Some letter that musta been! I really dunno what to make out of it though for its oft said that effective communication’s achieved only when there’s a feedback from the receiver of a message to the sender! Then again, a person takes the ‘pain’ to scribble down some notes to another and am thinking ‘who cares what the content of that note was anyhow, shouldn’t the mere thoughts that a note was written in the first place be the most important thing’?! After all, in all things, its really the thoughts that counts or is that just me?! *rme*LMAO!

    I really love this one Vee, spurred me into ‘overthinking’ things and I adore that illustration, divine! Kudos! *laughing*

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