9 thoughts on “Angel Wings

  1. You will never guess what?! I woke up this morning and saw what I thought looked like angel wings on my bedroom ceiling! I looked and looked and convinced myself that it was the way the light shone on my curtains and formed the shadow on my ceiling. But the more I did this, the more I was convinced it was an angel wing – just like a huge feather. I got up, still thinking about it , and intended to write a short poem about it calling it Angel Wings, and when I switched on my pc, there amongst my emails was your poem “Angel Wings” and it reflected exactly what I was feeling! How strange and cool is that ?

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    1. Hi, that is totally amazing. Just proves (once again) how connected the universe really is, and I believe that because things like that have happened to me before. I was wanting to write a poem about a sun catcher and couldn’t get past “dream catcher catching dreams”, and the very next morning there was a very beautiful poem entitled Dreamcatcher and was the very poem I didn’t know how to write. Also my children were collecting feathers one day and they took a heap of them home and as soon as we got back the phone rang, and my friend had a message for me, she was thinking about my mother who had already passed and said to me if she mentions the word feather would it have any meaning to me? And now your message again, when I saw the cd I had to take a photo of it and without thinking just posted Angel Wings and a little poem to go with it 🙂 thank you for sharing your story, it has really touched me!

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      1. This is so amazing! Thank you for sharing your story!!! Wow, I can’t quite get over this. How amazing that we are so connected in this way. Perhaps it was my angel (at the risk of sounding cuckoo :)) wanting to confirm the message of what I thought I saw. I hadn’t intended to switch on so early, but I really felt the need to write an angel poem and when I saw the email telling me you had written another post called Angel Wings – I did a double-take because I thought I was seeing things. It couldn’t be clearer. I am going to take away from this that I really did see angel wings and perhaps it’s a message for you too that our angels are protecting us. Please keep in touch with any more angelincidences you have 🙂

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      2. Will do so, also I posted a second comment to say that I hadn’t meant to post it but it resonated so strongly with me that I had to, still have to go back and find the other photo I had in mind! Glad we could connect, and be inspired, I try not to advertise my faith overly as that is not the point of my blog, but do believe souls are connected and that angels do watch over us even though sad things can happen to us being bound to this earthly world, hugs xo

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    2. Actually I didn’t quite post without thinking, took the photo but was looking for another photo (which I still need to go back and look for), and I saw the “Angel wings” a couple of times and was prompted so strongly that I had to post it!


      1. Not sure what has happened, but only saw your reply (19 December at 10:57am) today. Glad we connected too and hugs xo back to you too! Incidentally since we corresponded, I keep seeing the phrase “angels wings” everywhere. There was a short film entitled “on angels wings” on television today and I found myself watching it even though it was an animated film aimed at children! Merry Christmas!

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