Lately I’ve been feeling the need to educate myself on the subject of heart palpitations. My heart at the moment is not plain sailing.

As I type this, there is an airplane overhead. It invokes that feeling of turbulence. If you have ever experienced turbulence you will know what I mean. You could be relaxing in your seat, trying to get some shut-eye, or you could be trying to watch the latest inflight entertainment, when the shaking begins. The seatbelt lights switch on, and everything begins to jump and move and shake. It is an odd, scary feeling. Are we safe? Are we going down. Will it get worse? Will it end. Are we there yet?

That is how my irregular heartbeat feels. Like one turbulent flight. My mother passed from a heart attack at the age of (nearly) 45. My grandmother had a heart condition.

And my (physical) heart of late has turbulence.