Twenty (and loving it)

I’m old enough to have Good Old Days
I’m young enough to remember them

Studying, learning, that golden time
Between school and earning myself a


A student, but not a scholar
Romanticising, socialising

Studying, experimenting 🙂
Three years of my life


No responsibilities, but to
Learn that mathematics

Do those tutorials
Have myself some fun


Bryan Adams in South Africa
You rock!

X-Files, Friday night Friends
First love, First fight


Weekends to earn myself some money
To help me get by, those days flew away

So fast, and now when I look back
They are those Good Old Days


And what do I see here?
From yesterday’s magic key?

Bright stickers reminding me
How urgently someone would want my




7 thoughts on “Twenty (and loving it)

  1. once again… awesome poetry reflecting on those “SALAD DAYS”

    I really appreciate how you explain the intricate details in the form of words… I am at office. Will scratch my head to write something on “Salad Days” once i am done with dinner…

    Happy Blogging!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Reminiscing does bring a sense of good days gone by. I’m a bit older, but I haven’t forgotten my youth yet! I like to thing that good ‘ol days are still happening… they are just different than previous phases 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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