Sweet Marigold!

I just wrote a book!
Well, I am editing my first
But now what do I have here?
Slipping through my fingers?
Flowing through my hands

In all of ten minutes
I have met Sweet Marigold
The hero of her very own tale
For little children so dear

For mum in question (that would be me)
Am always in trouble
For bedtime reading is not
My favorite thing to do
The words are too long
The sentences never end
Making me tired before I even start

That is no good!
For daughter already eight
And son nearly grown!

But babies are always being born
Growing into little children that
Would need stories to be read

And now we have Sweet Marigold!
She is so happy with bouncy curly hair
Seeing all the beauty around
All the flowers and petals and butterflies and bees
Gifts of nature keeping her company!

Coming soon!
After Passion Through Poetry!

It is written! We need drawings, they are in my head!
I, an artist, have never been
So will have to recruit one
To bring life to my Sweet Marigold!
We love Sweet Marigold!

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