Burying a Child

Today I went to a funeral of a child. A child so full of life and enthusiasm and joy. I cannot even begin to imagine what the parents are going through, how the pain in their heart will make each new day seem impossible. No parent should have to bury their child. And yet it happens. I have friends (more than one) who have lost a child. We are born into this life. And one day we will die. We are not told when or how. I try and teach my children this. Do not be afraid of death. Because it can happen to anyone at anytime. It is up to us to make each day count, for we are not guaranteed another. Peace be with you.

Sweet Marigold


The petals and blossoms of the world are all very lonely. Until they are greeted with a ray of sunshine to brighten their long days. Into their lives a little child passes their way. And as she does so, their spirits start to rise. Their colours brighten, and they stand tall and strong on their stalks. Their lives will forever be touched by a young child. A child just like you. A child who loves every bright flower, and butterflies and bees. A child who is the heroine of her own story. A little girl by the name of Sweet Marigold.

Devil’s Child

You are the devil’s child
You are a bitch
So ugly when you were born
There is no way you could be my child

If you would like to find a man
Perhaps you should wear some makeup
Show some cleavage
Show that body we know you have

Why are my eyes blue
When yours are brown?
What will happen
If I do things that do not please you?

The temper, the rage, a fear of man
Are written in my soul
It is not guns I need to fear
When a man and his bare hands are all that’s required