Birthday Baby

Birthdays make me sad

For a number of reasons, not just one
Not a single birthday do I have
But two

Which would be the day
I entered the world
Escaped from my mother’s womb

And the day that is recorded
For all the years to come
On my passport, driver’s licence
Any document that would record

The hospital would have
My real birthday noted
Other witness is no more

Every year I get to celebrate
Not one day, but two
And I wish I had but none

My mother and I shared the same week
Three days, but generations apart
Her Farewell was celebrated
On my birthday, at least on one of them
And so birthdays make me sad

What would my new sign be?

My new sign would be
April Baby!

How would I describe those who share it?

I would describe them as
Being Alive!

I do not like to share birthdays
With Farewell Services on the same day

As a birthday of mine

And so birthdays make me sad

18 thoughts on “Birthday Baby

  1. Spectacular poem. 🙂 Even though i’m not an April baby, I do know a few (or at least I think I know a few) so I really like how you drew me in with your poem it’s almost as if I was there and I felt what you felt. Touching, heart breaking, and moving and that’s how I would describe your poem. If you have the time and have the chance to check out my prompt and give me your insight.:D

    Liked by 1 person

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