In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Plead the Fifth.”

What question do I hate to be asked?

When is my birthday?

Because I have two.
The day on which I was born (25th April)
And the day on which all my paperwork is recorded (24th April)

I celebrate on the 24th *because that’s what all my documentation says*

But as my mother would remind me every year, she gave birth to me and it happened on the 25th.

Confused, much?

Flower Post or Birthday Cake?

The best gift given to me
Is difficult to decide

How would one choose between ‘Flower Post’
Hand delivered to my home address

By a special little girl –
Or would I choose a Home-Baked cake

In the flag of my Home Land as a
Surprise for my birthday in April of this year?

Any ideas – how could one even make a
Choice between these two?





Birthday Baby

Birthdays make me sad

For a number of reasons, not just one
Not a single birthday do I have
But two

Which would be the day
I entered the world
Escaped from my mother’s womb

And the day that is recorded
For all the years to come
On my passport, driver’s licence
Any document that would record

The hospital would have
My real birthday noted
Other witness is no more

Every year I get to celebrate
Not one day, but two
And I wish I had but none

My mother and I shared the same week
Three days, but generations apart
Her Farewell was celebrated
On my birthday, at least on one of them
And so birthdays make me sad

What would my new sign be?

My new sign would be
April Baby!

How would I describe those who share it?

I would describe them as
Being Alive!

I do not like to share birthdays
With Farewell Services on the same day

As a birthday of mine

And so birthdays make me sad

Home Visit!

The craziest, busiest, most hectic day
Could only be, too infrequently
When I arrive back “home”
Surrounded by friends and family

There are so many people to see
So many loved faces to greet
Cities and homes and shopping malls
All the places I used to frequent!

Rush around, can’t get enough
Make a list of who I need to meet
Coffee here and visit there
Travelling between two cities fair
(Jozi and Pretoria)

It is too much for husband dear
Too many people!
As many people as she would have words
No! Please let me stay at home

At home in Sydney, you go alone!
Yes, I’ll go alone, and take the minions too
They can run around with me!
Introduce them to another life

And amongst all this excitement
Flying here and driving there
I turned the Big Four Oh and so I did
And to my surprise, and to my Delight

My dear darling friends
Whom I have not seen in quite a while
Surprised me with a surprise I did not expect
This beautiful cake, left me with no words to say
(Doesn’t happen often)

It went too fast, the days flew by
Not one day, but twenty repeat
Resurface to a life now dead
Will have to do

Until I resurface again



Blog’s Birthday! (Verbose)

If ever there was a day
For a twenty-five hour day
It would have been today!

And that’s because from when I awoke
To when I now sit
I’ve been on the go, go, go!

So many people have commented
So many people have liked
So many people have followed

And I have been unable to thank
Or comment
Or like
Or follow

Because I have not had a minute to spare
Let alone an EXTRA SIXTY!!!
But now it is near the end of the day
Midnight creeping up fast

And it’s my Blog’s Birthday!
My Baby Love!
My Pride and Joy
My Piece of Me!

And I am Happy!
So to celebrate
I bought myself a book!

A book of Poetry!
So I can read some Poetry!
And maybe learn to write some too!

Happy Birthday Me!
Passion through Poetry!!


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