Just like Honey!!!

I am lost
Don’t know where I am
Don’t understand the language
The faces unfamiliar
I am unfamiliar
Fair skin, fair hair
Standing out from the crowd
I am part of the crowd
Eavesdropping because I can
I am in the movies now!
And I don’t have to hit replay
Ten million times
And I don’t have to watch this movie
Ten million times
My favourite in the whole world
The favourite for me
There is only one favourite of mine
And it has never changed

Finally, all will be revealed
The mystery and suspense forever gone

For what did Bill Murray ever whisper
Into the ear of Scarlet Johansson?
And how dare she ever act in another script
When she belongs so firmly, so rightly in
Lost in Translation!

Bonus YouTube – one I can set on replay
All through the night
I’ve been told its a Girlie Flick
Fine by me – I’m a girl!!
And a very nice one too!

Passion through Poetry


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