Baby Days

One-Way Street

Nights that never seem to end
Screaming bundles of fleshly life
Lack of sleep and any calmness too
When living each day brings so much strife

It is a cliche, and I will admit
No new parent will agree
But those early times come and go
Babies lives pass so quickly!

If I could travel future or past
It would be to those early days
When little blessings were afforded me
Time passed by in such a haze

If I knew then what fine people
Those tiny bundles would grow into
I would savor each day and night
My baby gifts, I love you!


One-Way Street | Daily Post

2 thoughts on “Baby Days

    1. Yes, and now when I see my children growing up and who they have become I might have enjoyed those days so much more, my babies and toddlers are gone from me forever! Thanks for reading and commenting! I now have to wake up in the middle of the night to do the daily prompt so if you see some strange abstract writing from me from now on you know why!

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