Chilli Peppers Please

I have always not liked my
Success stories to be
Spicy at all
In fact just the other day
Father’s Day to be exact
Invitations did I extend
For a lunch of curry
We dined, we feasted, it was grand
Until I was told
The menu is great
It is wonderful
Thank you so much
But just so you know
The menu did not contain
Curry at all
Casserole maybe, there was no spice
No chilli pepper can one taste

Take a bit of risk
Let loose in the world
I have been reprimanded
At least four times today
Told what to do
And what to say
And what not to say
And what not to do

Get some sleep
Eat well
Be in balance
Moderation is key!

I have lived my life
Cooking curries that are not
Curries at all
Dining on casseroles

Perhaps it is time
Oh yes please!
To add some spice
To that casserole
Of mine

10 thoughts on “Chilli Peppers Please

    1. That’s because I grew up with only herbs and salt and pepper being used, no spice – so I guess that would make it a bit on the wild side for me – as in something different I guess not run of the mill! 🙂


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