The past few months I have been participating in my local toastmasters club. I wonder if any readers have participated before, and what their thoughts might be?

Last night I presented my third speech. It was meant to be a prepared speech, but I was standing in for someone so pretty much spoke off the cuff.

The club president had a word of praise for me. He said that I have a ‘genuine story-telling talent’. I am not able to express how much this means to me.

I have always been introverted, overlooked for many things in my daily life, have a small circle of friends. But when I look back, there has always been a desire to speak in front of people. To speak into a microphone. To speak with authority.

Someone last week mentioned that a far as public speaking goes, I need to push myself. I can either live ten years once, or one year ten times. It is a nice thought. However, I cannot just stand up and speak. It has to come from within. It is the same with poetry. I cannot write a poem. It has to appear in my mind before I can pen it.

These thoughts were echoed in the comment last night. I have a genuine talent. And it’s only a talent I am discovering now.

Everything in its right time.

20 thoughts on “Toastmasters

  1. Congrats on finding this hidden talent, Vonita. I love public speaking, have had many opportunities over the years. But even after all this time, I still have nerves. I believe the butterflies in my tummy help keep me sharp 🙂

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  2. Congrats Vonita! I think you’re really breve to stand up in front of a group or even a few people and speak like that. It’s just a matter of bringing your heart, a part of you, into each speech no meter the topic. Find what it means to you. But awesome I have spoken in front of my class b/4 but toast masters is a whole other level. It’s a great skill to have as well. Best of luck for continued success!

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      1. I think that would be one of those things you never stop learning about. In university there was public speaking course, I was too embarrassed to do it. I often shake in front of crowds and can’t help it. But I think if I’d taken that course it would have helped a great deal. I’m sure you’ll get used to speaking in front of people and do great!


  3. Congrats on finding that talent! I personally like public speaking a whole lot, it is very fun and very much rewarding when you can pull of a good speech in front of a large audience! All the best to you and hopefully you’ll do well in your climb to become a better speaker!

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