I injured myself the other day. I tripped after crossing a road and could feel myself going down. Until bang! I collided with the ground. A huge chunk of flesh came out my foot. It is really painful, and is struggling to heal. Every night it forms a scab, and then in the morning I put on shoes for the day, the scab breaks, and I have a new wound all over again. Self-sabotage. In just the same way I self-sabotage my inner healing. I build up resistance, and then break it all down again. I lost myself somewhere along the way, and am still looking. Where am I? What happened to me?

The Light


My Very First Poem!

When all around is dark
And all you know is night
Feel the hope within
And move towards the light

When sadness overwhelms
And you have lost your sight
A few gentle steps
Moving towards the light

When wounds begin to heal
We sense that near delight
Stirs our waking heart
Embracing inner light

When happiness is found
And all is calm and bright
Ever keep on reaching
Onwards towards the light

Happy 2nd Birthday to!