If I had known beforehand what I know now, would my footsteps have been any different? I walked in faith and so it must be, in faith I must continue to walk. What will be will always be, and what will not be will never be.

For now my head rests against a pillow and there is nothing more to be said or done but for my eyes to close and my soul to pray.

And I know my Lord will hold me tight. For now and all through this long and treacherous night.


My chest is constricting so much that I cannot breath. My heart is freezing like the water turning to ice on a mid-winters morn. For a few random breaths I was as happy as I would ever be and I had faith in the realm in which I was held.

Tomorrow I find out my fate. Will I be gone or will I live another day?

To survive the night is a bitter torment and my flesh writhes in agony. Is there anywhere else I can be?

I fear not. The demons of the night are here to torment. When I fall asleep my dreams are nightmares. I wake to only find another one awaits.

More of the Same

The sky is the same shade of blue

The grass is the green it’s always been

The highs have made way for the low

At times I’ve had nowhere else to go

So I retreated inside

And allowed myself to grow

My wings strengthened

Increasing my resolve

And now when I lurch

Into a future unknown

I know the winds will carry me

I will not fail or fall

My skies are fetching me

I lift my arms

To go alone.