It feels so good to be able to look back at the past six months, since March when I had an adverse reaction to a life situation, and I was finally able to say ‘Enough’. And so I went all out on making positive choices and change to my life. (Thank you Zoloft, Calm app, Toastmasters, diploma of Graphic Design).

And here I am. Something happened on Friday that would normally have been a major trigger for me. In previous days I would have been a hopeless mess, struggling to deal with my non-existent self-esteem, and placing everyone higher than myself.

I’ve had a passing thought this weekend, what about the trigger on Friday? Shouldn’t I be upset about it? Shouldn’t I be struggling to cope?

And yet all that happens, is that it is a passing thought. I can see clearly that when people don’t act in a way we wish them to act, it is sometimes doing us a great favor. We are being saved from further pain. I am able to move on quickly to the next happy thought. Something that is uplifting and positive. And that’s a wonderful, wonderful place to be in.

I have hope!

13 thoughts on “Hope!

    1. I was sinking a bit last week Erika, but I’ve managed to recover, and it does feel so much better. I think the medication that I am on is helping a lot. It sort of stops me from spiraling down and staying there like I have in the past xx

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  1. Hope *is* just what we need when life gets difficult. I’m so glad you have found that again. It is powerful to regain control of your thoughts; to bring back the sensible, reasoning, attentive mind. Let those “second thoughts” (responding to your first reactionary thoughts) be your true help and guide. 😀


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