The more time I spend on healing, the more I realize the importance of self-care. On making the better choices for my own self. Some choices strengthen and others weaken. 

Recently I placed myself in a situation that I knew would not be good for me. I did it anyway. Because I could. Because I wanted to. I could feel the strength ebb from me. I was giving my power away.

(Perhaps) fortunately I became ill and had an  enforced break. My strength was renewed.

I have been able to stand back and allow myself the power and freedom to make choices for strength. For self-care. For self-love. 

For me.

15 thoughts on “Self-Care

  1. Self care is often misinterpreted in this stoic society as selfishness. It couldn’t be further from the truth. I am happy you had some healing time to gather strength.

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  2. Learning to love and respect ourselves is the foundation of all true love. It’s taken me so long to start really caring for myself, but now, like you, I’ve an inner strength, which also has given me more calmness, and in turn, has given me an ability to make better choices over everyday issues….

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