What is it about her

That made him choose?

Is it the way she walks

Or talks or shades her hair

Is it the way she smiles

Or laughs or has no care

Is it her confidence

Her energy

Her life or spirit

Is it her eyes so brown

Exuberant, alive

What is it about her

I wish I knew!

What is it about me

That made me lose?


10 thoughts on “Questions

  1. These are the questions I always ask to myself. Really are these the qualities that made him fall for her rather than me? Does everyone seek for such qualities?
    Thanks for writing this💙

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    1. Thank you for reading and commenting, I should have changed the title to self-doubt or something, because that’s what it is all about. We need to learn to love and accept ourselves first! And who cares about him and her!! Easier said than done, I know ❤️


  2. The inevitable question in such situations. But then again, what is it about him that he looks at her rather than at you? We don’t know why but sometimes it is a good thing not to find out.

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