23 thoughts on “Failure

      1. Yes they came through thank you 😊 I will reply later, feeling a bit headachey atm, thank you for your love and concern xx


  1. Fair, honest attempt at self-analysis and retrospection to figure out the cause of failure and waste of life! Such dialogues with the self often lead to enlightenment…light at the end of the dark tunnel. Good one!

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  2. Hey Vonita. I know this feeling only too well. Who do we need to be enough for? Who determines if we are a success or failure? We are too hard on ourselves and give our power away too easily to others. A failure would not be able to put together the beautiful words that I see on this blog. We do the best with what we have at the time and that is ALWAYS ENOUGH! Sending much love and light.

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    1. Hi Debbie, thanks SO much for the response, I have a non-existent career and I guess that is what makes me feel like a failure, always struggling, yesterday I was in tears at the office, always never knowing how long I will have a job for Etc! THANK you for your kind words re beautiful words on my blog, writing is one thing that is close to me, so means a lot, compliments like that always feels so personal 😍

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      1. Believe that the Universe has a plan and it will all work out. I know a lot of people in this uncertain boat that you are rowing upstream at the moment. Let go of the tight grip on the oars and see where it steers you. Not always easy to do, especially with all our responsibilities in life. Try and remember a time when you did go with the flow and it worked out better than you could have hoped. Hold onto that.

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      2. Yes that’s wonderful advice, thanks Debbie, there is so much to be thankful for, and that is the annoying part of sometimes feeling depressed or not good enough, it is just so hard to let go at times. I had a beautiful day today though, so am feeling somewhat better xx hope you are having a good weekend 😊

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