A Reunion that Wasn’t 

They were due to arrive. The mother, her son aged twelve and her baby daughter. They came from a distant land, flew across oceans with hope in their hearts. To start a new life. To start afresh.

They were stopped at the gate. We don’t want you here, they were told. You are not welcome, we are sending you back.

Behind the gate and out of sight, balloons and family were waiting. The brightness of the balloons colored the hall. Evoking a happiness that should have been.

And for another day, the balloons bobbed with life.

3 thoughts on “A Reunion that Wasn’t 

    1. It happened to someone I know who landed in the U.K. last week with her children, she is a U.K. citizen (born in South Africa but her dad is british), her children are not. The local MP where her mother and sister live has got involved and will try and assist. All the return flights were full so she is allowed to stay until next week, then has to return back to South Africa to apply for a different kind of visa for the children. She had a visa for them but the border control said rules have changed and it’s not the correct one.

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