10 thoughts on “Clockwork

  1. I got reminded of my walk back home after work late at night once when I was staring at the stars and wondering how it was that days just passed one after another and we barely noticed! The mundane can be quite scary at times…

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    1. Yes, at least we have that! I’m under pressure for my next Jhb visit, will have to start thinking about it. I watched a documentary on marikana massacre on Saturday, very powerful and sad too, no one held accountable for those tragic deaths xx ramaphosa right in the center of it all.


  2. Aahh… the outdoor…
    Must be a truly wonderful view. Shame my eyes are most of the time fixed on the laptop screen.
    We often overlook the beauty that’s provided to us by nature, focused only on the daily complications. Yeah, we don’t realize that days and nights roll by so fast.
    It’s a pretty poem, though. Good job!

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