Tango – A Duet 

I’ve had the wonderful privilege of collaborating with Herbert Uba from Beautiful Lies to write a poem. I’m pleased to present our work!


If romance were our song
And you can take the lead
Then my heart will soar –
Passion’s tiny seed.

We can sing and dance to it
Carelessly beautiful, it wows the stars;
Step on each other’s toes, alright;
Our love will heal the scars.

The sun bids the day farewell
As the moon wakens sleeping night
We are ready, the scene is set!
Our stage reflects the sparkling light.

What evil we unleash on a young night,
With roses and scented candles?
Chocolate that gives kiss so much taste,
It shudders our love handles?

So with fervor we tango
Together the whole night through
With hope that is beckoning
A love for me and you.


5 thoughts on “Tango – A Duet 

  1. Reblogged this on Hindsight Bias and commented:
    Vonita and I wrote this poem(Well, technically, she wrote most of it) and it’s become one of my favorites. Her depth of thought, brevity and simplicity is something to be cherished. Her blog is one of my favorites for myriad reasons. Check it out and be wowed!

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