World at War

A relative calm had descended over a world that had started to forget. Soldiers aged, children were born, and their children were born, the soldiers were too scarred to speak about their time in service, their children were shielded from the absolute raw brutality and horror, they did not know and their children did not know, and more children were born, and a certain level of complacency began to settle, making way for a disruptor and dictator to enter the world stage and there were enough of the children born to think he might be a good thing and just what the world needs

  • More hate
  • More racism
  • More intolerance

And the wars that were buried 

Had enriched the soil for action 

And this time, the stakes were higher, the weapons more evil and more powerful than the world has ever seen or known and over time 

The landscape has changed 

14 thoughts on “World at War

    1. I am feeling the same way, all it takes is one stupid tweet to offend another nation, and the grandiosity of his executive orders that have real and tangible effects on other people’s lives, he is asking for trouble, and high probability that he is going to get it, unfortunately the whole world will be affected, very troubling xx

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      1. He just elevated Steve Bannon to his national security committee. He banished the more experienced members. Bannon is a white supremacist who has actively endorsed anarchy. Might be the scariest thing yet.

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