Enchanted Worlds

The best book I ever read was the Enchanted Wood by Enid Blyton. She spoilt reading for me because no other book could live up to Silky and Moon-Face and the unfortunately named Jo, Bessie and Fannie not forgetting cousin Dick.

I lived in the home of Moon-Face, could hear the clanging of Saucepan-Man, and could feel the soft, shining hair of Silky.

And I loved the worlds at the top of the tree. How they never stood still. Sometimes magical, sometimes scary, sometimes exciting, sometime peaceful, always moving, never standing still.

I think of the changing worlds of our life. The seasons that pass. And sometimes they are scary. And frightening. And exciting. And enchanted. 

And hopefully, maybe, everything will be okay.

13 thoughts on “Enchanted Worlds

  1. Loved this book as well and had the pleasure of reading it again in adulthood to my children who loved it too. I get to reread a lot of good children’s books – lots of Enid Blyton and Roald Dahl- and watch cute animated movies simply because I have kids.


      1. Sigh. I know the feeling. I have a child who refuses to read or engage in any form of conversation, and my other who is like a breath of fresh air. Who talks and engages and is happy and no issues. It is strange how each child can be so completely different. Hugs xx

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