Poetry for Therapy

Today I complained. I spoke to a friend wishing happy New Years yada yada, and then I complained. Just the usual midlife crisis complaints as one does. And at some point thereafter my friend responded with some unexpected good life news, and I was happy for my friend, and feeling embarrassed about having complained. Very embarrassed. How unattractive and unappealing it must have seemed. It is so easy to allow the words to tumble out. But from now I will try my very, very best to keep them locked away forever. Except for in poetry. Always poetry. Poetry for therapy. 

23 thoughts on “Poetry for Therapy

    1. Thank you, wonderful thoughts, yes we can’t always be happy, positive thinking is a practice though, so will try and strengthen that in the new year! Thanks for the hugs, and to you too, Robin xo


  1. Awe. I just write about honoring all emotions. I also had an injury. I got some purfume oil in my eye. It was scary. And I sure didn’t try to be positive. I felt the fear fully…Naturally loving it. And it was the most tender thing. I never try to be positive…Though maybe my husband would like that sometimes… But maybe not… That’s passion I thinkπŸ’™

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    1. I love these thoughts, thank you Laurie, your comments are well-timed, I have just had a ‘life moment’, an interaction with someone that has affected me quite deeply and struggling to feel positive. Perhaps I need to just embrace the emotions that arise and acknowledge them for what they are? Our human nature can make things so difficult for us sometimes xo


      1. Yes it can… But after my emergency doctor visit…I thought wow… I honor these human emotions…Even if they seem exaggerated sometimes…The little part of me that needed only to be loved and feel whatever she felt.

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  2. Vonita, I empathise with you, but like one of your other reader’s says: if you lock it up it festers and becomes a disease. Vonita, please stay healthy! Never lock it up! You weren’t complaining (my thoughts), you simply had to talk about something that affected you perhaps adversely. It’s always good to off-load. Perhaps you don’t always need to tell a friend. Maybe go for a walk in nature, and tell ‘her’ (Mother Nature) what’s on your mind. Mothers should be there for you and they love you (well most of the time lol) and always listen, always care. So remember, always share. xx

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  3. I know this feeling – posting your concerns before you learn if something ‘more important’ on another tongue. But the chances are, they never thought twice about it. There is no shame in sharing the unappealing

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