Guest Post

I was approached by Aatif from to host a guest post. I’ve never done a guest post before, so thought it might be a good idea to start. It is with pleasure that I share his emotional poem and link.

Understanding Todays’s world is Arduous Task,

Like filling water in the Broken Flask.

what were we and what we are,

All emotional Relations are shifting Far.
Sentiments & sacrifices are mere words

They seem to be as we have Nevrr heard

God has created us to survive,

but we are vandalising each other’s lives
who shed Tears is ineed the faulter,

its nothing but just salted water.

Ecstasy is Altering in to Embarrassment,

No flower can Bloom in venomous Environment.
O! god now please stop taking our test,

come on the earth and abolish tempest.
a emotional Poetry composed by:SYED SABAH UR REHMAN-‘Aatif’

for more poetries visit:-

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