Opening Lines

People are different. This is a good thing. There are some in my extended circle who are very closed. Well, a few people like that. You try and engage in a conversation, and it is like trying to draw water from a stone. Something like this:

Hi, how are you, my angel?

I’m fine thanks, and yourself?

 Good thanks, how is work / school / life?

Good thanks

Okay, I love you

I love you too


That’s it. Can’t extract more out of a conversation than that.

Well, I always thought it was me. Perhaps I should think of more exciting opening lines.

But then!

Others appear on the scene, courtesy birthdays and little people appearing out of nothing, and the conversations are totally different:

Hello, aunty Vonnie!

Hello my angel, how are you?

I’m good thanks, I passed my year, and my best subject was art, and here is me just taken now, and …

I miss you and love you lots xxxx

I miss and love you too my darling 😍

And then I realized

I never had to think up any opening line.

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