Hand Upon My Shoulder

(Steve Hofmeyer)

The Lord’s my Shepherd 

David cried

I’ll desire none

Down in pastures green I lie

Where peaceful waters run

He gives new life within me

He leads me where I want to be

Even though I go

Through valleys of death

I fear no evil ’cause I feel

Thy rod and staff will comfort me

In the presence of my enemies

Prepare a table just for me

Anoint my head with oil

My cup overflows

Love and goodness unfailing

Will always follow me

All the days of my life

Let me live with Thee

The fire once took me far beyond

When black was burning gold

Will I still play the part of men

Or boys who don’t grow old

‘Cause what is known by days to come
Is known by God and not by some

Who fake their hope in man

‘Cause once I bowed and begged my breath

For he who died before his death

And blamed it all on God

God understands

Through love and goodness unfailing

I too can understand

That all the days of my life

Are counted upon His hand

You’re here, though not in person, 

still you father, me in thought

But Your hand upon my shoulder

Is a hand that can’t be bought

You’re here, though not in person, but your voice can still be heard

Like David, we’re all forgotten

But remembered in our


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