3-Day Quote Challenge 3

Thank you to Michaela from The Path Less Travelled for nominating me for the challenge. 

I really wanted to post a quote about roses and love (my two favorite things!), but couldn’t find the right quote. I looked at dozens of rose and love quotes on Sunday, but nothing spoke to me. So I left it alone. My subconscious solved it for me. I woke up with a jolt in the early hours of Monday morning, it is the seed that with the sun’s love in the spring becomes the rose. And I thought that’s exactly what I was looking for, the Rose by Bette Midler! Isn’t it amazing how our soul can sometimes speak to us?

So here’s my choice for day 3-lucky last!

3 thoughts on “3-Day Quote Challenge 3

  1. Vonita, that’s a perfect last quote from the 3-day challenge! 🙂 I’m glad you had fun with it! It’s especially fascinating to hear HOW you arrived at your final selection. When we give our subconscious an opportunity like that to help us out, it usually does. And I’m doubly glad, too, because you picked from the lyrics of one of my most cherished songs, “The Rose.”

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