3-Day Quote Challenge

I was surprised yesterday by Michaela of The Path Less Travelled By with a 3-Day Quote Challenge. I haven’t done a challenge in a while so decided to do this one. Except that I will not be nominating others, if anyone would like to participate then please feel welcome to with a pingback here.

Now for the hard part, what quote to choose? There are so many insightful, wise, encouraging quotes in the world. So I decided to have some fun and say what I really want. (Give it to me!) I’m going with song lyrics, that can just as well double up for quotes.

Here goes! (Thanks once again to Michaela)

Quote #1

7 thoughts on “3-Day Quote Challenge

    1. Thanks Holly, it’s been fun trying to think of what quotes to choose! This was the first one that popped into my head, was going to post another one but last minute decided to go with the first one. Now for another two!

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