What should you do?

When your lover sends you a selfie. But gets it all wrong. And sends you a selfie of her instead. Unbuttoned.


37 thoughts on “What should you do?

    • The crazy thing is, he completely turned it back onto me for ‘taking a completely innocent photo and turning it into something inappropriate. Not good’. Apparently she was posting of her new glasses as profile pic, and it took a real hero to tell her that she was only half-dressed because she’s as blind as a bat. Blind as a bat even after getting her ‘new glasses’, and why would I even not believe that story? She was mortified when he called and told her. Um. And she’s so not his type. How could I even think otherwise? She has boobs. She’s his type. Am I living in a different world? Am I the crazy one? Is this half-baked story even half-credible? Please shed light!


      • Thank you, Violet, just what I needed to read. Fortunately I haven’t lost my clarity yet. It is incredulous how he did turn a blatant lie onto myself, what’s wrong with just saying sorry. But then that would be admitting fault. Thanks for your caring response.

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