When facing adversity, we have a choice. We can either shrink. Make ourselves smaller. And more miserable. And a monster to be around. 


We can roll up our sleeves and get to work. Do what needs to be done. Look above the situation. Not directly into and below it. Lift those eyes. And rise. Do it. For yourself.


22 thoughts on “OR

  1. Absolutely. During the darkest times in my life I found I could not deal with some situations and learned to focus on others. It is that knot at the end of the rope that lets one hang on.

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  2. I see your getting the moral up. I know it sounds hypocritical coming from me and the life that I live, but I have found in the past that in the worst of the worst, when my life was at stake and other life´s where gone, I pulled through. The human is quite remarkable when it wants to have that will to overcome. So my guess is that if I truly want to find that will again I can pull through anything really. Is just my choice, and that goes for everyone I guess

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      1. Well, if you are going to roll over….. roll on top of me!!!! 😉
        Lets cheer up a bit, I´m having a real fucked up month, disregarding the fact that I´m broke, no money in the bank, a big fat 0, there are other issues. So what I do is just enjoy the moment not thinking even about what´s going to happen an hour from now.

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      2. Yes mam, isn´t it incredible this person(mum). And actually the damn dog does cheer me up. I´m very lucky to have the support of the family at my age. Funny how things go, didn´t have them at 19 and now I do. Go figure.

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      3. In the South of Spain in the army and later that same year in some fucked up country that looked like I had been transported 1000 years back in time, with some nasty idiots with not very good intentions, plus the heat, sand, dirty, miserable yet it was what I wanted at the time.

        La infanteria quiere
        La infanteria puede
        Saber vencer
        Saber sufrir
        La fiel infanteria siempre fue asi
        Viva España!
        Viva la Legion!

        A little chant there, and like those there where in my opinion too many but it did pumped you up.

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