Against Nature

The first time a connection with someone new is made, there is a clean slate between those two people. There is nothing on the slate, the connection is unwritten. And from that single moment, the image begins to form.









All these things merge to form a bigger picture. And after a while, we may like what we see. Or not. Does the image presented before us make us happy? Does it uplift? Does it encourage?

Or does it drain and destroy and suck energy and make us want to resist? If it does, perhaps for our own sanity we need to walk away. I hate closing doors. It is against my nature.

Perhaps this is my lesson?

8 thoughts on “Against Nature

  1. This is such a beautiful piece of writing! You have a lovely way with words V and it is sheer delight to visit your page. I’m sorry for not being able to keep in touch my dear, I have been distracted and dealing with lots of news. My loss entirely though, because reading your work is always a pleasure 🙂

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